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Happy Monday, 4th Graders!

Check-in for the day here:

*You can also check-in by going to your google classroom or clicking this link.

Good Morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend celebrating Mother's Day. If you did not know this is the last week you will be turning a packet back into me. Next week you will pick up your packet on Monday and that packet will not be turned back in. Let's make this the best last week EVER!


Today for reading you will need to complete the "Let's Learn It" sheet for Monday. Then you will need to read or listen to Lawn Boy Ch. 10-12. You can listen by going up to the top and clicking "Lawn Boy" then click on the right chapters you want to listen to. Lastly, you will need to complete the "Dictionary Detective" sheet. You will need to look the words up on the computer or in a dictionary.

Materials that need to be sent back:

  • "Let's Learn It"

  • "Dictionary Detective" worksheet


Today for spelling you need to introduce yourself to the spelling words and then complete the "Word Work" practice for day 1, sorting by the prefix.

What needs to come back:

  • "Word Work" worksheet "Day 1"


For science today you will need to read "thermometer" and "barometer" and then answer the questions below the text.

What needs to come back:

  • "Thermometer" & "Barometer" worksheets

Once you have completed all your tasks for the day, take a nice break. Also, don't forget to do your P.E. and/or Music assignments for the week.

YAY! You are done for the day. I knew you could do it! I am so proud of all your hard work and accomplishments...I will meet you back here tomorrow to discuss what to do then. Until then, go play and get some fresh air.

See you tomorrow,


  • Mrs.Brake

Good Morning, 4th Graders ~ IT IS FRIDAY!


Daily Check-in:

*You can also check-in using google classroom or clicking here.

This morning, before you begin, you will need to check over the detailed learning page for each subject to see what needs to be kept at home when you finish and what needs to be sent back. I will be on my computer all day, so please contact me if you need help...that is what I'm here for. Enjoy your day!


HAPPY FRIDAY! Today for reading, you will need to complete the Friday "Let's Learn It" sheet. Then you will need to complete the "Vocabulary Study" worksheet form Lawn Boy. Please use your "Dictionary Detective sheet" from ch. 7-9 to help you. Lastly, you will need to complete the "Understanding the Story" sheet that goes with ch. 7-9 of Lawn Boy

What needs to come back:

  • Friday "Let's Learn It"

  • Vocabulary Study From Lawn Boy

  • Understanding the Story from Lawn Boy


For your spelling test today all you have to do is choose the correctly spelled word in each box on the "Spelling Test" sheet.

What needs to come back:

  • Spelling Test


On Fridays, we do inventive Fridays. On Fridays every week you are going to be getting a sheet of paper that says what your task is and any materials that you may need that you might not have at home. This week your task is to try to construct a hat out of the piece of newspaper and tape. I have included a piece of newspaper for you to use. When you finish as your parent to send me a picture of you and your boat (optional) and I will post your pictures so everyone can see your AWESOME inventions! Get your brains thinking and GOOD LUCK!


Every Friday Dave Pilkey (the illustrator of Dog Man & Captain Underpants books) is doing videos on how to draw different book characters, sneak peeks from books, and creative activities. Check it out!

Congratulations, 4th graders! You have made it through another week of distance learning. You have accomplished so much in one week. Now take some time over the weekend to rest and relax. Remember, keep helping around the house too.

Please do not forget that your music and P.E sheets need to come back in your packets as well as all your other papers. Don't forget about those two things!

P.S. it is Mother's day on Sunday, don't forget to do something extra special for you mom!

Have a great weekend & Happy Mother's Day to all the great moms out there!

Mrs. Brake

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